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Default Record Times

Some of the records times that show up are ridiculously fast - like 4-5 seconds! Really? I've only been a member for 2 months, so I only just now figured out that many of the record times represent occasions where a user who has already seen a puzzle has been given it again, and they are simply typing in the solution they already know! Hardly a record for "solving" when in actuality the time merely represents the speed at which a person can type!

I propose changing the logging of a new record to a method that only allows records to be recorded for the first time a user has seen a particular puzzle. The best solution would be that puzzles are not duplicated, but there are some who clearly will consume whatever quantity of new puzzles the admins have the bandwidth to create... so in order to ensure that ones' efforts are not wasted, the score should always count as calculated, but if a user has already solved a puzzle, any time which exceeds a first-time solver should not be recorded as a new record. My 2 cents...
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Default Record times

I'd like to report a frustration on the other extreme. There are times when a game is very slow to load (my server, not me!), and that time is added to my solving time. Today the game took so long to load that I switched away to a different site. Then I had lunch. Then I did the dishes. Then I read some posts on my blog. Then I came back to the site and started a new game. Surprised to find that my "success rate" was no longer 100%, I checked my "recent games" and found one to "retry." When it loaded I realized it was unfamiliar to me and assumed it was the game I had left earlier (before it had loaded). AND NOW I see that I took over two hours to solve the puzzle, when actually I took probably sixteen seconds.
How can this problem be fixed. From 10th-fastest solver this month I have plummeted because of this illegitimate time computation.
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Default Recent Games

It has greatly improved now, thanks to the retry of recent games, for which you are given 2 hours to correct. Sometimes, perhaps you may lose power due to a storm, but then when you can get back on, you still have that 2 hour time lapse to use. It used to be that even if you did a puzzle wrong, you had no recourse to correct it. It's a good idea to check your recent games to see if maybe you accidently clicked on play twice and got a game you didn't realize you had. The next time it's taking a long time to load, go to your recent games and just click on it right then and you'll be able to recover.
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Angry Extremely frustrated with times!

Yesterday afternoon I completed a puzzle, hit Enter, and got no response. This happens to me a lot lately, sometimes as a nonresponsive connection via Wi-Fi and sometimes just nonresponse from DropQuotes. I have always been able to fix it by disconnecting and reconnecting (while, of course, time was ticking away on the old solving clock...). BUT yesterday the site was nonresponsive even though my Wi-Fi was working for all other sites, and even though I repeatedly quit my server and re-linked. I have no idea why this happened but it certainly did. Ultimately I had something else I had to do and just shut it down. Just now I went back on and solved a puzzle, then decided to check to see if the nonresponsive puzzle had been recorded as solved or not solved. Sure enough, NOT. So I recalled it and solved it. How long did it take me to solve the puzzle? According to Drop Quotes, 73513 seconds.

I'm always in the top 20 for speed, often in the top 10, and several times second only to the redoubtable HuskyHusker, whose fingers must be faster than the speed of sound... Obviously this month I will score at the bottom of the pack, and it's NOT MY FAULT.

Isn't there some fix for this? For instance, why doesn't "Retry" start the clock over again at 0, or start it over again with one minute added to the clock? Why should I be penalized for time that went by while I WAS NOT, and COULD NOT HAVE BEEN, trying to solve the puzzle?
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I had the same problem yesterday. Solved a puzzle and couldn't get it to solve. By the time drop quotes came back up i had already racked up over 1000 or so. Why can't it be fixed to stop the time you have already spent instead of letting the clock keep ticking for that quote.
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Default Server Problem

Yesterday DropQuotes was totally down - don't know why or what happened but it didn't come back until much later. Thankfully I had just tried to sign on, so I wasn't in the middle of a puzzle. However, this was DropQuotes fault and they should correct all problems that insued while that was happening------------but I can tell you from experience that they will not, nor will they reply to you concerning the problem. I hope admin proves me wrong. You're right: it isn't fair and gives you a false score since you did nothing wrong.
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Exclamation Site Down recently, and 100%ers

This is not a reply from ADMIN, only someone who understands that ALL servers have some issues from time to time. Sometimes it is scheduled, most times not.
I noticed it down, and also was lucky not to get an incomplete.
In fact, the finished but not posted puzzle, in my case, buffered the click, and when their server came back up, the puzzle (luckily) posted, albeit at 10 points, of course.
In any case, it is not their fault necessarilly, and I am sure they and their service provider(s) are aware and trying to prevent it.
On a related note - although a bit of work - if the only 'missed' puzzle, knocking someone out of "100%" occurs at a time surrounding the site-down event, some slack should be given, like a yellow flag on a race track.

One outage just happened around 1PM PST Sat June09, but only a few minutes, and puzzle posted with a few hundred points.

Otherwise, I believe it to be a healthy for the mind type of activity, and enjoy the site.
If ONLY I could type better... sigh.
It helps a bit with that as well.
Thank you DropQuotes, a good site, even if a few server-down hits have occured.
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It'd be better to split this topic so that the original subject can get the attention that it deserves.
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Default Along the same lines

I had a puzzle appear in the unfinished list that was more than 4 hours old and increased my average time by almost 40 seconds when I quickly solved it. However, I figured out what happened. I turned my computer on and had left an open window for a game when I turned it off yesterday. So that means it loaded a new puzzle even though I never requested it when I opened it this morning. The 4 hours was the time since it had opened. Hope this helps and it can be avoided by closing that tab in the browser before closing the browser.
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